Steps to Reduce Bias in the Hiring Process

Nowadays video technology impacts our lives more than ever, making communication with friends and family as well as collaboration with colleagues possible, while staying at home. Video conferencing is an important component of our day-to-day work during COVID-19, and it is also a great way to interview and hire new employees remotely. Moreover, it helps to find top talent and hire more diverse teams that show better performance and increase business revenue. 

The majority of organizations are actively looking for new hiring solutions that help to diminish bias from the recruiting process and improve diversity while hiring remotely. Making systematic changes requires introducing D&I programs and incorporating HR tools that help to add diversity to your workforce. 

5 Steps to Diversity Recruitment 

There are several actions you can  take in order to avoid discrimination in hiring. You should start with reworking your job descriptions, setting diversity goals and incorporating blind resume reviews in your hiring process. You can also leverage video assessment tools to make the hiring process more equal and efficient. 

Review Job Descriptions

Job listings usually provide the first impression of the company culture and provide an understanding  of whether the company is inclusive or biased. There are two types of bias in job postings – implicit and explicit. Racism in the job description, or gender discrimination is an explicit bias and this is something every hiring manager can control. 

Implicit biases, on  the flip side, occur because of the stereotypes and beliefs we have developed from our past experiences. They are more difficult to identify, but with the help of consciousness, education and modern technology you can also diminish them.To begin, work carefully on your job titles and descriptions, and make sure that the vocabulary used is gender neutral and balanced. 

Become Aware of the Diversity in Your Organization

The major problem about diversity hiring is that many HR leaders don’t have company metrics on this topic. To make your company more diverse and inclusive you have to first become aware of the current situation. For this purpose, collect data on diversity in your organization and how the numbers have been changing over time. Share the data with your company leaders in order to bring attention to the issue and take appropriate actions.   

Another way to improve diversity in the organization is to set up D&I goals. To get the ball rolling, track how well your HR team has done against your diversity goals at the end of every hiring process. Adjust the efforts if needed. These tactics also help companies to keep diversity and equity top of mind. 

Incorporate Blind Candidate Screening

Leverage modern technology to ensure your hiring process is fair and offers equal opportunities to all candidates. Check out different HR tools that help you to achieve these objectives. For example, including structured video interviews into your hiring process is the future of diversity recruitment! It helps to recognize and reduce unconscious bias and provides you with access to the international talent pool that can be much more diverse. Using AI to assess candidates and generate scores based on their performance is another step you can take.

For example, Knockri’s predictive video assessment merges proven science and AI to evaluate candidates. Knockri scores candidates on how well they answer questions and the relevance of their response. Knockri has been mapped out to be an inclusive technology since its inception, so you can use it to build a diverse and talented workforce through an equitable process. 

By using video assessments you find top talent based on merit, not on race, gender or ethnicity. Check out how Knockri helped a global IT giant increase gender and racial diversity in their company by 24% – 

Keep Educating Yourself and Company Leaders

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