Scientifically evaluate candidates with technology for good with our AI-powered behavioural assessments and job personas.

Ensure top talent doesn't fall through the cracks and drive higher NPS with our video interviewing, audio and written assessments.

Knockri’s AI-driven behavioural assessments help you to:


Automate shortlisting of best candidates


Reduce adverse impact


Increase diversity


Improve your recruitment process

One of the main reasons we use behavioural assessments versus cognitive or personality assessments is because we’ve seen that these assessments reduce bias and provide candidates from subgroup categories with more equitable opportunities.

Our Products

We give you the freedom to mix these assessment types and  create various combinations. Our assessments are web-based and can work on all mobile devices, no need to download an app.

Video Assessment

Welcome your candidates to an inviting video-based experience that is modern, customized and representative of your branding.

Written Assessment

Measure how competent your candidates are in their skills with a written assessment tool. Test the KPIs of a job role and assess candidates for hourly-wage positions.

Audio Assessment

Pre-screen your candidates and measure their skills with an easy to use and flexible audio assessment tool.


Leverage Knockri’s robust product offerings. Use our A.I. video, written and audio-based assessment tools to automate shortlisting of the best candidates and improve your recruitment process.

Leverage A.I. technology to improve diversity

Leverage A.I. technology to scientifically and responsibly shortlist top-performing candidates. Use it to build a diverse and talented workforce through an equitable process.

Reduce cost and time to hire

Make your recruitment process more cost and time-efficient by eliminating the need of resume reviews, phone screenings and administrative tasks. Spend more quality time with your most promising candidates

Make the recruitment process easier

Easily create writing tasks and use AI algorithms to set up KPIs and make evaluations quickly and effectively. This will save you time and money, and make the recruitment process easier for non-technical recruiters.

Improve the candidate experience

Bridge the gap between candidates and recruiters by creating a more personal experience. Improve the candidate experience with AI solutions.


Custom Labeled

Our candidate assessment platform is completely custom labeled. This enables you to include your company branding and express the uniqueness of what makes your company, you. We’ve made sure to build flexibility in our platform so candidates never feel like they have left your ecosystem during their application journey.

Candidate's Experience

Intro/Outro Videos help to personalize the assessment experience. Our assessment is created to make candidates feel more immersed in the pre-screening process. Candidates are also given an opportunity to practice, get interview tips and take a tour of the platform so they know what to expect.

24/7 Support

Candidates can receive support during any point of the assessment. Knockri takes care of every tech issue that may occur, your candidates are in good hands.


Knockri offers our assessment in French Canadian, French European, Spanish European and many more on the way.

How it Works

Knockri’s predictive behavioral assessments merges proven science and A.I. to evaluate candidates. Knockri scores candidates on how well they answer questions and the relevance of their response. Since our technology doesn’t detect ethnicity, gender or appearance, it funnels in candidates purely based on merit.

Create Assessment

Create your personas, choose your company’s KPI skills, leverage an industrial organizational psychology backed assessment framework on Knockri.

Deploy to Candidates

Remove manual processes and seamlessly deploy assessments. Trigger invitations prior or post your ATS knockout criteria. With automated integration we keep your workflow streamlined.

Measure KPIs

Watch applicants complete your personalized assessment and see our AI-driven algorithm quantify their skills and competencies. Replace psychometric/behavioural quizzes and phone screening interviews with Knockri.

Shortlist candidates

Dive deep into applicant scores or simply review tailored shortlists of the best candidates. From there you can automatically send invites to schedule interviews based on the rank order of top scoring candidates.

Job Personas

You don’t have to come up with everything on your own. Knockri provides you with data you need to find qualified candidates. Our pre-built Job Personas are based on the job-related competencies and are ready to deploy in seconds. The Job Personas are created and verified by our science team and I-O psychologist. Our Job Personas help you to scientifically and responsibly predict top-performing candidates, reduce screening bias and deliver memorable candidate experiences.

Our clients have seen



improved NPS*


reduction in cost to fill*


reduction in time to screen*


more diverse shortlists*
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