The New Talent War

Robots are here, so does that mean you’re becoming outdated? With tech entering the workforce, there are many tasks that you’ll no longer have to do, and even more value added roles for you to conquer. But fear not! This is what Maaz Rana, COO and Co-founder of Knockri, has to say about the future of skills, and how it can become an asset for any company!

Maaz Rana:

A.I. will inevitably be integrating into the workplace. Not to take over your job, but to make your life easier. So as the old saying goes…if you can’t beat em’, join em!

The best way for employees to be an asset in a company is if they can complement new technology, vs competing against it. That’s because people and machines will perform more effectively than either human experts or AI-driven machines working alone will.

So in that case, now is the perfect time to be human! Employees should focus on acquiring skills that robots can’t replicate. This pertains mainly to soft skills like empathy and direct communication that give roles the human touch they need. Since even today, the majority of customers prefer to interact with humans.

Now is the ultimate time to showcase your soft skills. Because these skills will truly improve a worker’s opportunities and mobility. So even with new technology, expect a job opening to read “HUMANS WANTED”!


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