How Do Candidates React to the Use of Video Assessments?

Did you know that 86% of Organizations Are Conducting Virtual Interviews to Hire Candidates During Coronavirus Pandemic? Video-based assessments make it possible to overcome challenges of distance, conduct remote interviews and make hiring more efficient. 

But how does hiring with video technology feel from a candidate’s perspective? Since the applicant’s experience is an integral component of the hiring process, it is important to know if they feel like the experience is a good one.

Do Video Interviews Help the Candidate Experience?

Knockri’s data shows that the answer is a resounding yes. 

“Almost 80 percent of applicants give 5 star ratings and provide excellent reviews after completing video-based assessments. Applicants do like the experience of a video interview, and this is equally as true across racial and ethnic minorities,” – Dave Mayers, I-O Psychologist.

The candidates who tend to rate it low usually experience some form of technical difficulty. But as technology platforms become more stable these issues tend to disappear. Other research shows that among the reasons video interviews might cause apprehension are –  connectivity issues 27%, comfort level on camera 21%, and poor audio/video quality 18%. 

Basically, if these concerns are taken into account at the early stage and a right platform to conduct video assessment is used, HR managers can be assured that the candidates are experiencing top-notch quality.

Why Do Candidates Like Video Interviews?

In fact, video interviews are one of the most favorite types of job interviews among applicants. Half of the candidates say that video interviews are the most valuable tool for helping them stand out in the hiring process.

So why do candidates like video interviewing?

“Easy to use” experience

Candidates like video interviews for several reasons. First of all, usually it is easy to use video interviewing tools. Video interviewing brings candidates freedom to be interviewed whenever they want and from any location they prefer. For candidates video interviews are also time efficient. Additionally, video interviews are seen as a modern way to recruit. 

Better Performance During the Interview

It’s not only about the candidate experience. Video interviews make it possible for candidates to showcase relevant skills during the interview. The AI technology filters the candidates to a job that ideally suits them. As a result, candidates have higher chances to succeed and hiring managers can easily automate the hiring process and focus more quality time with their top-candidates.

Objective Process

Though some candidates have concerns about the usage of the Ethical Artificial Intelligence driven video interview, the majority of job seekers like video interviews for its transparent and objective process. AI-based video interviews provide candidates with fair chances to win the job since candidates are evaluated for their performance during the interviews, and any sort of personal preferences or unconscious bias is excluded from the process. 

Video Interviewing Software

One of the most popular types of video interviews is a video-based skills assessment run with the help of artificial intelligence. Knockri, as well as several other companies, offer this type of video interview. 

So What Does the Process Look Like? 

We conduct video recordings of job applicants for companies that are currently hiring. Knockri’s ethical AI algorithm helps you to assess predictive high performing skills such as growth-mindset and empathy. It enables companies to hire top performers, more diverse talent and eliminate unsuccessful interviews. Using Knockri’s video assessments, companies can welcome their candidates to an inviting application experience that is modern, customizable and representative of your brand. 

With video interview tools you can:

  • Bridge the gap between candidates and recruiters by creating a more personal experience. Improve the candidate experience with an AI-driven video interview software.
  • Leverage AI technology to scientifically and responsibly shortlist top-performing candidates. Use it to build a diverse and talented workforce through an equitable process.
  • Make your recruitment process more cost and time-efficient by eliminating the need of resume reviews, phone screenings  and administrative tasks. Spend more quality time with your most promising candidates

Summing Up

Video interviewing tools create an outstanding candidate experience and make remote hiring processes possible and more efficient. AI video tools such as Knockri help you to quickly pre-screen candidates, save time and money and focus more time on your top-candidates. 

Artificial intelligence helps to reduce unconscious bias from the hiring process, increase diversity and make the hiring process more fair. Want to discover more? Book a free 30-minute consultation with our HR Solutions Consultant. 

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