The unique world we live in: How to effectively maximize remote hiring

COVID-19 continues to shape the future of work and the world is turning to remote work. As remote working is translating into remote recruiting, many organizations are thinking about how the talent acquisition process is going to look like as they continue to hire. 

Considering the change in the recruitment process, a lot of talent acquisition leaders are curious about recruitment technology and how it can help them to transform their hiring process quickly and efficiently. 

AI Assessment Tools for Remote Recruiting

Major companies across industries benefit from merging AI into the HR process, since it helps to navigate through thousands of applications, screen candidates and organize interviews. The power of AI lies in its ability to process high volumes of data at fast speeds, improving efficiency of the hiring process. 

AI skills assessment tools are bombarded with requests from companies looking for the ways to address their current need to remotely hire candidates in a very safe way. Such tools are designed to scientifically pre-screen candidates based on job KPIs and personas. Companies are able to reduce time and cost to screen, reduce unconscious bias from the hiring process and increase diversity of the candidates. 

AI tools provide companies with data-based people insights, improving the talent acquisition efficiency and candidates’ experience. 

Knockri Skills-Based Assessment Tool

Knockri is an AI skills-based assessment tool that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and I/O psychology to deliver evidence-based talent acquisition solutions. We offer video, written and audio skills assessments that help you to remotely screen and shortlist diverse candidates while working from home.

Knockri is a custom labeled solution so you can customize branding assets like logos, colours and domains to achieve desired white-labeling for your company. Candidates are led through an inviting & user-friendly assessment experience and are guided through their application journey- which is a process that you have the freedom to customize. 

Watch the podcast with the HR industry leader and Knockri’s CEO Jahanzaib Ansari to discover more about how organizations are moving their hiring to a fully remote process and how Knockri can help you in the transition to an effective remote hiring.

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