How to confidently transform your recruitment process in an online world

A lot of companies are now thinking about measures to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus and adjust their business processes. Our customers are reaching out to us to discover more about the hiring process amid COVID-19 and how AI-based skills assessment tools can assist in the recruiting. 

Since the volume of inquiries is growing every day, we have pulled together the key takeaways on how the hiring process may change and what you can do to ensure the safety of your employees and potential job candidates.

How to Conduct Job Interviews

Though businesses are going to be impacted by the situation, the activity won’t stop, including the hiring process. However, the hiring process is expected to change. While some companies are putting special policies in place for the hiring process and looking for new tools to utilize,  giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google have already switched from on-site interviews to video calls or virtual interviews at the beginning of March. 

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s time to introduce a new course conducting job interviews, safer and more effective for both employers and candidates. Let’s discuss how you can adjust your recruiting process:

Introduce Online Communication

Since a lot of companies have switched to work-from-home policy, recruiters have increasingly turned to online communication tools to avoid face-to-face interaction where possible. For example, Amazon has changed its hiring process for some positions, switching to video calls, Google moves all job interviews to Hangouts, LinkedIn makes all job interviews virtual due to coronavirus.

“We’re experiencing a significant increase in inquiries as we witness the world switch to remote communication. Hiring managers are really thinking if in-person interviews are even necessary, and are excited about AI-based assessments. We feel the adoption of AI in hiring will have a lasting impact post-pandemic, as organizations will hate returning to archaic & inefficient hiring processes.” 

Jahanzaib Ansari, CEO, Knockri.

Conduct Video Interviews

Video job interviews have become a reasonable response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Being able to interview and screen candidates at scale remotely is an important component of them. 

More and more recruiters are looking for video interview software as a part of  social distancing strategy. Such video interviews also suit more potential candidates since they do not require personal presence, take less time and are more convenient.

To successfully conduct a video interview be prepared to: 

  • go through candidate’s resume,
  • inform candidates on who they’ll be interviewing with, 
  • remove any distractions,
  • give candidates time to adjust

Leverage AI Skills Assessment Tools

Another great way to secure your recruiting team and potential candidates during the Coronavirus is to leverage Artificial Intelligence skills assessment tools.

AI skills assessment tools not only reduce the need for face-to-face interaction but also help you to scientifically and responsibly shortlist top-performing candidates and reduce hiring bias.

Canada based startup Knockri offers written, audio and video-based skills assessment tools. All of the assessments are conducted virtually and neither the recruiter nor the candidate have to personally interact. Companies using Knockri tools see up to a 62% reduction in costs and a 68% drop in time when filling positions. It helps to reduce unconscious bias from the hiring process and build a better performing, diverse workforce through an equitable process. 

“We’ve seen how the Knockri shortlisted candidates have been performing highly. Both the quality of the candidates and the application experience itself have improve.”  

Martina Argine, Recruitment Manager, Online Services, EF.

Summing Up 

During recent weeks alternatives to in-person job interviews and talent recruitment have become high in demand. AI-powered candidate screening tools are seen to be a great response amid the current situation.

If you are new to AI assessment tools, Knockri will provide you with all the necessary information, schedule a demo and help you to set up a process fast and seamlessly. 

“During these times, the way an employer interacts with a candidate is crucial. At Knockri, we’re helping customers deliver remote assessments so they can move candidates along the funnel, a lot faster. We’ve already seen an increase in usage and will continue to ensure we make the hiring process safe and efficient during COVID 19 outbreak.”

Maaz Rana, COO, Knockri.

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