Do You Have The Right Skills?

A lot of changes will be taking place in your professional life in the upcoming years. 

Before you know it, robots will be entering your work space and doing half of your job for you! Evidently, the future of work is changing.  Roles being introduced today are not the same as before. 

So how are you going to persevere and stay relevant in a changing landscape? By having the right skills. Here is what Maaz Rana, COO and Co-founder of Knockri, has to say about the future of skills, and how you can become an asset for any company!

Maaz Rana:

It’s important to brace yourself for change in the workplace, since it’s happening at an accelerating rate. You have to keep up! 

Tasks today require a lot more creativity, innovation, and complex relationships building than in the past. Jobs now are more analytical and unpredictable in nature, requiring a higher level of problem solving and collaboration with diverse teams. As work changes, so will the skills required to do it. 

According to various studies, and the trends that we have been seeing within the Fortune 500 companies, here is a compiled list of some soft skills that will be crucial in the future of work: 

1. “Human Skills”: Like Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical thinking. People who can bridge technology and humanity will be an asset.

2. Agility and Adaptability: The world today is so complex and unpredictable! More now than ever, companies need employees who can adapt to disruptions, redefine strategy and learn new skills on demand!

3. Social Intelligence: Even with tech, it will always be crucial to have employees who can build relationships to interact with clients and solve complex problems with teams. No industry can replace that “human experience” which is why social intelligence will give you an edge.

4. Assessing and Analyzing Information: Data is everywhere! But we need employees to make sense of it all. In the future of work, analytical staff that can translate data into concepts and trends will be valuable. Because companies need people who can see the bigger picture, and connect the dots for them.

5. Entrepreneurial Skills: These are the rockstars of the future, because entrepreneurs can take risks, manage uncertainty and adjust rapidly. They also score high on persuasion, leadership, goal orientation and personal interaction. Basically all the soft skills that will be needed for new positions being created.

The time has come to act fast and future-proof yourself. Technical skills may qualify an applicant for a position, but soft skills are what will lead to career success and set them apart!