3 simple steps to ace your virtual interview and snag your dream job

In 2020, we’re seeing the world move online. With majority of professionals now working from home, companies are adapting to continue business operations remotely. The recruitment function is no exception.  

With AI technology being integrated into the HR space, talent acquisition has become more streamlined than ever. A perfect example of this would include tools such as virtual interviewing platforms- a modern recruiting solution that is quickly gaining popularity with companies worldwide. 

Today, more employers are opting for virtual interviews after realizing its benefits. This method of hiring has proven to save companies both time and resources, and is especially useful during the initial screening of candidates. By moving this function online, recruiters have been able to hire top talent with just a click of a button. 

If you are looking for your next opportunity, chances are that you will also get to experience interviewing online. Although it’s a novel process, it’s not as different as you may think. Read below to learn more about how you can ace your virtual interview, and be a top candidate in the hiring process!

Prepare for the Interview

As with any interview, it’s always important to prepare! Take time to practice answering questions about why you want to join the organization, the value you can bring to the role, and why the company’s mission resonates with you. To show initiative, you should also research about the company ahead of time, and prepare questions to ask during your interview. This will indicate your passion about the role and team. 

Another advantage of virtual interviews is that you can also access your notes during the process. Use this opportunity to jot down points about your experience, questions you have and information you may want to highlight. This is an excellent technique to better organize your thoughts and quickly refer to topics you want to discuss. 

Test your Technology 

At Knockri, we often come across scenarios where applicants are facing technical difficulties during their virtual interview. Nothing is more distracting than a mic or camera that isn’t functioning! 

According to research on hiring trends employers are looking for candidates who are tech savvy, even for non-technical roles. So it’s best to set a good impression by resolving such issues earlier, so you’re set up for success. Finalize which device you’ll be using for the interview, download the software in advance, and ensure that you have a stable internet connection. 

It’s also helpful to log on to the virtual interview early, to tackle any potential technical difficulties that may arise. Just in case, be sure to have the interviewers contact information on hand if there is an issue that needs to be corrected on the employer’s end. 

Practice using the Tool 

Practice makes perfect! If you have access to the virtual interviewing platform ahead of time, play around with the different features before your scheduled interview. This way, you’ll have a complete understanding of how to navigate the platform before your interview even begins.

For instance, Knockri offers practice questions for candidates and also provides a virtual walk-through of the tool. This enables people to become more familiar with the technology and even lets them practice answering several questions so they can get a hang of the process. If you’re using a tool that also includes this feature, I would highly encourage you to explore this option, especially for candidates who are camera shy. It will make the interview more comfortable after you’ve taken the time to explore how the process will work.


Progressing in your career has become a simpler process. With the power of technology, virtual interviewing platforms have advanced the talent acquisition function and enabled both applicants and employers to connect right in their homes. With its many benefits, it’s best to leverage this technology to the best of our ability, so we can be a top candidate when pursuing our next opportunity. 

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