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Let’s make your recruiting process simple, quick and bias-free with an ethical A.I. skills assessment tool. Simple, quick and low-touch.

Our Job Personas help you to scientifically and responsibly predict top-performing candidates, reduce screening bias and deliver memorable candidate experiences.


We make it simple and ensure you hit the ground running with an elevated recruitment process

01. Create Assessment

Create your personas, choose your company’s KPI skills, leverage an industrial organizational psychology backed assessment framework on Knockri.

02. Deploy to Candidates

Remove manual processes and seamlessly deploy assessments. Trigger invitations prior or post your ATS knockout criteria. Our fluid integrations keep your workflow streamlined and sends automated email invitations.

03. Measure KPIs

Watch applicants complete your personalized video assessment and see our AI-driven algorithm quantify their soft skills and competencies. Replace psychometric/behavioural quizzes and phone screening interviews with Knockri.

04. Interview Shortlists

Dive deep into applicant scores or simply review tailored shortlists of the best candidates. Diminish unsuccessful interviews, lighten your workload and seize top talent faster.

Why Knockri would be a great fit for ForceBrands

Being on a mission to engage with job seekers and employers in a real way you are looking for the best talent to help achieve transformational goals. Welcome your candidates to an inviting written or video-based experience that is modern, customized and representative of your clients branding.

Knockri will help you to identify and attract key talent – those collaborative, performance-driven people, that have a human lens and take ownership to thrive at ForceBrands. We’ll help you reduce unconscious bias from the screening process and improve diversity in the candidate shortlist. Swiftly eliminate unsuccessful interviewees, and focus more quality time with your most promising candidates.

With us, you can trust to have a faster and easier hiring process, that’s transparent and grounded in science.

Let’s build the teams that build the brands together!

Easy to integrate

Our existing universal API connector can be easily integrated with a number of ATS systems. Integration can be completed seamlessly, the process is usually 2 weeks or quicker. Knockri is also able to stand up without an ATS integration and seamlessly allows you to deploy assessments.

Our scientifically validated personas allow you to create a library of assessments that evaluate the skills you want at scale. Leverage our personas to automate building assessments, reduce bias, disparate impact and maintain legal defensibility through a low touch and ethical selection process.

By using Knockri, customers have already seen:


Reduced cost to fill a position


Improved quality of hire


Increased NPS score


Increased diversity in short-list of candidates

What customers are saying

“Knockri shortlisted candidates have been performing highly. Both the quality of the candidates and the application experience itself have improved.”

Martina Argine

Recruitment Manager, Online Teacher Services, Education First

“We trust Knockri’s ability to produce results predictive of success at IBM…..they helped us save so much time and surfaced many diverse candidates that were being overlooked”

Robert Gibby, PhD

Chief Talent Scientist, Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology Fellow, IBM

Percentage of Knockri short-listed candidates that received offer letters:


Post hire performance increased by:


Findings & Statistics

Knockri has assessed thousands of candidates and the results speak for themselves.

Enterprise Grade Security

Knockri incorporates the latest and most robust security safeguards to comply with IT regulations and local laws

Industry Standard

Secured Top to Bottom

Ready to Scale

Knockri Product Offering

Leverage Knockri’s robust product offerings
that span across the employee life cycle


Automate building assessments, reduce disparate impact and scale strong science


Use audio, written & video assessments to automate shortlisting of the best fit candidates

Interview Scheduling

Further streamline your operations using our automated interview scheduling solution​

Internal Mobilization

Utilize our learning & development offering to identify skill gaps and prepare employees to thrive

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