Our Team Stories

Discrimination remains a persistent Global problem. The intention to tackle it brought us all together. Knockri's employees shared their personal stories about biases and discrimination in order to educate people about different kinds of biases and end racial, gender and other types of discrimination.
Maurice Forbes

Juneteenth & Me

This is something of a monumental weekend for myself. Today is Juneteenth, it marks the day slavery officially ended and black people in the day can be considered free men and women. Due to recent events that put the spotlight back on the social, economic, and systematic disparities of black people, it is a monumental day for the rest of human history going forward.
Rija Choudhry

Unlevelled Playing Field

I’m an immigrant, however, I never felt that way growing up. I believed everyone was on the same playing field, and you excel based on merit. My self view changed when I eventually entered the job market. It was the first time in my life that I realized I was at a disadvantage. In my story, I’ll give you a glimpse of the hardships female immigrants face when establishing their career in a foreign country.
Galyna Sereda

Glass Ceilings and Biased Barriers

Being a woman I have faced some biases and discrimination myself especially in the workplace. Moreover, I’ve seen sexism and gender discrimination related towards my female friends. It resulted in my deeper interest in this topic and today, before sharing my personal experience in this blog, I want to talk more about gender biases.
Amber Lahav/Dave Mayers

Jewish Discrimination and the Impact of World War II

The Holocaust was the genocide of European Jews during World War II. Jewish families began to flee Europe in search of better living conditions and greater opportunity. Here are two stories of Knockri employees who had families that survived the Holocaust and eventually found their way to Canada.