Weak selection compliance is perpetuating systemic bias

Knockri is a behavioural skills assessment that prioritizes the success of DEI initiatives, without impacting work performance or hiring efficiency.

Align diversity with hiring

Weak selection compliance has allowed systemic bias to perpetuate in hiring. This forces DEI initiatives to compensate or selection ratios to slip just to manage adverse impact

Objective by design

We completely remove systemic bias when determining skill, by objectively evaluating the content in the transcript of a structured behavioural interview

Fixated on merit

Our algorithms evaluate only one thing, the content in a transcript because we believe that scoring should be transparent and only based on merit

"We trust Knockri's ability to combine the right mix of science, and technology to create inclusive assessment experiences with results predictive of success at IBM"

Robert Gibby, PhD

Chief Talent Scientist, Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology Fellow, IBM

How it works

Measure what matters most

We audit and adapt your company’s unique skills framework, and automate the questions you want to ask

Customize the experience

Personalize the candidate journey with your company branding, and blend video, audio and written formats to meet your needs

Deliver assessments
at scale

Integrate with your ATS to administer and automatically assess unlimited candidates across every job requisition

Shortlist top diverse talent

Objectively score and shortlist while avoiding adverse impact. Ensure quality candidates don’t fall through the cracks

A memorable candidate experience

What customers see after using Knockri

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Increase in
racial & gender diversity

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Increase in
quality of hire

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time and cost

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