A.I….Is It Racist?

A.I. is all the new buzz! It’s the super intelligent technology that is claimed to solve our problems. But can bias be one of them?

Many are worried that A.I technology will take a life of its own and make the wrong decisions. Are we in store for a Robot disaster in the making? Read below to find out what Faisal Ahmed, Knockri’s CTO and Co-founder, has to say about how A.I. actually works and how can we be sure that A.I. is actually unbiased!

Faisal Ahmed:

A lot of people ask this, and it’s a valid question. Can A.I. be biased? The answer is both yes and no. A.I can be biased if the data used to train the A.I. is biased. Basically, your results will only be as good as your data!

To ensure our A.I. is unbiased, we have created a dataset that is “full spectrum”. Built from scratch, our dataset is free of inherent bias and has equal representation of all types of employees. This even includes people with diverse accents and cultures, so our A.I. is trained based on knowledge that is inclusive and diverse and nature.

So when quantifying a candidate’s competencies, the algorithm doesn’t account for an individual’s ethnicity, gender, appearance or sexual preference as measures of desirability for a hire.

With Knockri, you can hire your star candidate based on merit alone and nothing else.