The “Ideal” Candidate

A.I technology has taken recruiters by storm, and is increasingly being integrated into the hiring process. In fact, many companies today use A.I. to analyze incoming applicants. 

However, with this being the case you might be wondering…can A.I discriminate? Research proves that this wouldn’t be the case if you build a full spectrum and inclusive dataset.

So…with a full spectrum database, what does an “ideal candidate” look like from a robots perspective? Keep reading to find out what Faisal Ahmed, CTO and Co-founder of Knockri, has to say about who the perfect candidate might be!


When you have a full spectrum database, the best part is that the “ideal candidate” doesn’t look like anybody! Since our dataset recognizes all diversity, we can find the rock star in every face.

Our A.I. understands that a talented employee can be anyone. For Knockri, a star candidate would simply be an individual who has the soft skills an employer is looking for. So we can be sure we recommend a candidate who will exceed in their role.

With that being said, the “ideal” applicant isn’t restricted to any gender, ethnicity, etc. The ideal candidate is one who shines through based on their merit, and nothing else.