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Where we Started

Founder's Story

"No talent should ever be held back due to any conscious or unconscious hiring bias."
Knockri was founded in 2016 as a solution to our own problems of facing discrimination in the hiring process.

Cofounder Jahanzaib Ansari, would often apply to jobs and never hear back from employers. While feeling confused and looking for answers, Maaz Rana stepped in and suggested to Jahanzaib that he anglicize his name. This rather insignificant adjustment completely turned things around! The anglicized Jahanzaib was given interviews and job offers by the very hiring managers that overlooked him.

Realizing the broken hiring process and an increased focus on the importance of soft skills, the two got together with childhood friend, Faisal Ahmed, a Machine Learning Scientist. They began their study with a renowned Industrial-Organizational Psychologist to create Knockri – a skills assessment tool deeply rooted in I.O. Psychology & built from the ground-up with ethical AI and inclusivity in mind.

To date, Knockri has assessed thousands of candidates worldwide. It's helped reduce hiring bias, cut costs to hire and has significantly improved candidate experience. Due to its amazing results, Knockri was awarded as Innovator of the Year by Ascend, one of North America's largest diversity groups and has been given a seat at the World Economic Forum’s Global Council on Equality and Inclusion!

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Our Team

Jahanzaib Ansari

Co-founder & CEO

Maaz Rana

Co-founder & COO

Faisal Ahmed

Co-founder & CTO

Rija Choudhry

Head of People and Culture

Raed Shabbir

Machine Learning Engineer

Dave Mayers, Ph.D

Industrial Organizational Psychologist

Onita Hakimi

Product Manager

Matthew An

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Bolarinwa Balogun

Software Engineer

Michael Skupien

Machine Learning Engineer

Daniel Tran

Front-End Developer

Amber Lahav

Brand Designer & Front-End Developer

Galyna Sereda

Marketing Lead

Maurice Forbes

HR Solutions Consultant
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