Growth Mindset

Having a “growth mindset” is all the new buzz, and the skill employers are actively looking for in their incoming applicants. 

It’s the skill that’s proving to give employees a definite edge in the labour market! 

Read below to find out COO Maaz Rana’s thoughts on what a growth mindset is, and why it is becoming a “hot topic” in the future of work!

Maaz Rana:

Having a growth mindset is a skill that is valuable for every industry! Since people with this skill-set believe their abilities can be developed with hard work, they have a passion for lifelong learning and resilience for great accomplishment.

People with a growth mindset are motivated to adapt and find solutions for novel situations. So in an era where the world is constantly changing, they are the perfect employees to have!

Hence, these individuals are continually growing as they are always seeking feedback to improve, and consistently developing new skills that progress their career. 

For this reason, they give every task 100% of their effort and are able to tackle every situation with a positive attitude, making such employees invaluable for any organization! Thus, it’s evident why employers seek out employees with a growth mindset. It is because their commitment to learning does not only allow for personal growth, but it also allows them to brainstorm innovative solutions and visionary ideas that can take any company forward!