The breakthrough HR trend of 2021: video interviewing software

Video interviewing is one of the most popular ways to conduct job interviews. The demand for video interviewing software has risen dramatically over the last year due to COVID-19 and transition to remote hiring. So what exactly is a video interview? Why do talent acquisition teams need to implement the video interviewing tool asap? And finally, how do candidates react to the use of video interviews

What Is a Video Interview?

Video interview makes the hiring process quick and easy by helping TA teams to hire top talent with the usage of modern HR technology. While some companies are still using free video tools, the majority of organizations are looking for comprehensive HR tools that will help not only to conduct the remote interview, but also to assess candidates based on their skills. These tools also reduce bias from the hiring process, improve speed and quality of hire and enhance the candidate experience. Video interviewing tools are among top 5 recruiting tools of 2020

Video interviewing tools are usually used in the early stage of the hiring process in order to pre-screen candidates. During the video interview, the hiring manager asks pre-recorded questions and candidates provide responses. Candidates can watch their recording and provide feedback. 

AI-powered video interviewing tool, such as Knockri, analyzes the candidates’ content of their answer as it’s relevant to the question that is being asked. It does not look at emotions, tonality, speech or physical appearance for example. As a result, the HR team sees the list of candidates with the scores of each skill and is able to automatically schedule the interview with top-performing job applicants. Such video interviewing tools typically integrate with an ATS, so there is no need to duplicate recruiter effort.

What Are the Benefits of a Video Interview Software?

The usage of the video interviewing assessment brings a lot of benefits to the hiring process. 

Hire Remotely With a Video Interviewing Tool

Video interviewing tools makes it possible to connect with candidates regardless of their location. You can look for top-talent from all over the world and don’t have to limit yourself. Moreover, video interview tools make it possible to screen and hire remotely which is crucial for the majority of organizations amid COVID-19.

Reduce Time and Cost to Hire

When you use video interview tools to pre-screen candidates you don’t have to spend time on phone interviews. It means that you can focus more quality time on the top candidates and fill the position faster. Learn how other companies were able to improve their Time and Cost to screen by using Knockri’s solution – Global IT Company Case Study.

Improve Diversity of Your Candidates

Tools, such as Knockri, help to reduce unconscious bias from the hiring process. Pre-screen and evaluate your candidates for KPIs needed for the particular role. Leverage Ethical AI technology to make the process fairer and your candidate list more diverse. It also helps to improve the quality of hire since the AI is evaluating candidates for their skills, not their cultural background, ethnicity or skin color. 

How to Choose the Best Video Interviewing Software in 2021

When looking for a vendor of video interviewing software, look for these features.

Structured Interviewing Process

The opportunity to pre-record questions that candidates can answer any time and anywhere is an important feature. It means that your HR team will record the interview questions and won’t have to call every candidate. Candidates will respond to the questions and AI-powered tool will evaluate their responses. 

Video interviewing tool will also help you to automate your hiring process and make it more structured. All job candidates will run through the same process and will answer the same questions, depending on a particular job role. After the candidates are evaluated by an artificial intelligence tool, your HR team will receive the list of top-performers and schedule further interviewing steps with the most promising candidates.

Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is an important KPI for every Talent Acquisition team. Video interview tools will help you to improve your candidate experience if they: offer:

  • Accessibility through multiple devices
  • Can be custom labeled
  • Provide 24/7 support

ATS Integration

Look for a video interviewing software that can easily integrate with your Applicant Tracking System. It makes your screening process more efficient and easier for your recruitment team, since they don’t have to switch between different softwares.

Summing Up

Curious about solutions that can help you to transform your hiring process? Ready to change the way you hire by getting data-driven results, making the process fairer and  screening candidates more efficiently? 

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