Hire the Top Performing Candidates

You know the interview is going well when it becomes unstructured and you get to know more about your candidate. Perhaps they went to the same university as you, and even lived in the same neighbourhood. We know those similarities help form your general impression of the person, but – how do they translate to key performance indicators? With people forming impressions in the first 10 seconds of a conversation, can your hiring decision be objective, consistent and accurate all of the time? Probably not, it’d be unreasonable to expect otherwise.

When hiring, interviewers have been found to display 150 unconscious biases that interfere with a fair and objective evaluation process – your best applicants are often falling through the cracks.

Studies show that interviews that are structured, objective and reliable are the best predictors of job performance, which is why companies are rapidly turning to AI technology to screen their candidates.

Read below to find out how Knockri’s AI video screening can optimize your recruitment process and find you your quality hire.

Hire Based on Merit, Not Bias

Did you know that 50% of hiring failures are linked to pre-existing biases? For instance, men receive interview requests 40% more often than women with similar experience, even though women typically outperform men 59% of the time in blind interviews.

Since unconscious biases are prevalent and go undetected in the hiring process, companies onboard similar employees who lack the creativity that comes with diversity.

To spark innovation, companies are including AI technology in their initial screening to ensure every qualified applicant is included and funnelled through to the final stages of the hiring process. This removes barriers that minority applicants face during recruitment and no one is left behind.

That’s because Knockri is a tool blind to colour, gender and any factor that would limit hidden talent. So you get an applicant pool that’s there because of merit, and every candidate gets a fair shake.

Customized Screening Metrics

Like people, every organization is unique with different needs and different cultures. That is why Knockri doesn’t just focus on finding you a great candidate. It finds you a great candidate that’s right for you.

To identify the best applicant, Knockri merges workforce science and machine learning to shortlist candidates based on your core competency model. People are evaluated on relevant criteria and scored based on the content of their answers – not on if they root for the same basketball team.

Instead of weeding out candidates because of irrelevant data, the AI technology looks at 100% of the incoming applications and rates them against your ideal candidate profile.

So you’re left with qualified and diverse hires that will improve both your bottom line and corporate culture. Because with every company comes different requirements, and one size certainly doesn’t fit all.

Improved Accuracy and Quality Control

After tracking 20,000 new hires, a Forbes Study concluded that 46% of them failed after 18 months. With a bad hire costing companies up to $12,000 recruiters aim to onboard a good candidate the first time.

To avoid such costly mistakes, AI’s rigorous assessment eliminates unqualified candidates in the initial screening for you. So you can save your time and money for the superstars.

Knockri generates a holistic score for the applicant by analyzing their facial expressions and tone, as well as speech using IBM’s Watson technology. This tool understands language in its natural context just like we do, instead of conducting a word-by-word scan that can miss important information.      

And since AI technology is always learning, it only gets better at finding your ideal applicant with more data.

Knockri also includes an element of human intelligence, by having a dedicated team review a percentage of the videos and see how the A.I. is performing behind the scenes. And once you’ve selected your top candidate Knockri tracks their progress for 6 months.

So basically, you get a candidate score that is accurately and objectively quantified without the human error.


Onboarding new talent can be tricky. Every company wants to find the hidden gems, but that can only happen if you use fair and objective hiring methods. Make hiring simple with Knockri taking care of your initial screening process, so you’re left with a diverse and qualified applicant pool that’s right for you.

Author: Rija Choudhry,

Editor: Maaz Rana