Top 5 benefits of video interviews from speed to quality

Video job interviews became popular over the years because of all the benefits they bring to both hiring teams and candidates. They are usually part of the initial stages of screening candidates and help to quickly and easily identify the best talent so you can spend more time  with your top candidates. 

Video interview software is even more trendy nowadays since more and more organizations are looking for ways to conduct job interviews remotely. Such video tools make it possible to easily transform your hiring process to be fully remote and win the war for talent in  a competitive job market. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits of video interviews and talk more about video interviewing tools.

Video Interview Benefits

Video interview assessment helps your talent acquisition teams to hire faster, since recruiters and hiring managers don’t spend time on phone screening or creating psychometric assessments. It also helps to track performance better and hire top talent, improve the diversity of candidates, and provide a better candidate experience. How? Let’s dig deeper in the advantages of candidate video screening.  

Speed up Your Recruitment Process

Traditionally, pre-screening candidates took a lot of time and effort. Make your recruiters’ job more pleasing and improve the results of their work by leveraging video interviewing

HR managers don’t have to call each candidate  for screening  if they have the qualification necessary or are a good fit for the position. AI-driven video tools pre-screen candidates, assessing their responses for verbal and non-verbal communication skills. As a result, your TA team can focus more quality time on the most promising candidates. 

Improve Quality of Hire

Implementing video interview into your hiring process helps you to better track candidate performance and improve the quality of hire. AI helps to assess all candidates’ responses and scores your candidates depending on the required KPIs for the particular position. You get a list of top performers with their scores,  and are able to invite them to the next round of interviews.

Reduce Bias and Improve Diversity

It is pretty difficult to avoid any sort of biases while interviewing the candidate, no matter how experienced you are. Ethical Artificial Intelligence looks at several thousand data points to evaluate the candidate and doesn’t detect the candidates’ ethnicity, gender or appearance. It helps you to diminish bias and improve diversity in the workplace.

Enhance Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is a key to attracting and retaining best candidates. Job seekers are craving for a transparent, fair and easy interview process and video interviews can help you deliver it to them. AI video tools help to bridge the gap between the interviewer and a job seeker and create a more personalized candidate experience. AI-powered video interviews create fair chances for each candidate to succeed, making the application process as unbiased and as objective as possible. 

Video interviewing is also one of the most convenient ways to conduct an interview amid COVID-19, since neither you nor the candidate has to spend time to schedule the interview. The candidates choose wherever and whenever they want to have the interview. They don’t have to travel and no personal interaction is needed, which is very important amid the current situation. 

If you are wondering How Do Candidates React to the Use of Video Interviews? The data shows that this is one of their favourite types of interviews. 

Transform to a Remote Hiring Process

Since COVID-19 continues to shape the future of work, organizations are adapting their processes. Video interviewing tools help companies to transform their hiring process and screen candidates remotely. Organizations continue keeping their hiring process efficient, quick, and smooth while maintaining business continuity and WFH policies.

Additionally, video interview tools reduce geographical barriers so companies gain access to the international pool of top talent.  

Video Interview Software

If you are looking for the best video interviewing software 2020, it’s a good idea to check reviews and book a demo to try several video interview platforms. Also, don’t forget to compare the features of the tool and, more importantly, check success stories and case studies.

What Does Knockri’s AI-Based Video Assessment Look Like?

Knockri’s video assessment analyzes the candidates’ content of their answer as it’s relevant to the question that is being asked. It does not look at emotions, tonality, speech or physical appearance for example. 

  • Hiring managers ask pre-recorded questions. 
  • Candidates respond to the questions. They can also watch an outro video before submitting. Candidates can immediately provide feedback 
  • Knockri breaks down candidates exact scores for each skill and it helps you understand what each score means. 
  • Knockri works on all mobile devices, there’s no need to download an app.  
  • 95% of Knockri functionality can be integrated. 

You can customize the look and match your company’s branding. 

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