How a Global Tech Giant Hired Top Talent & Increased Post-Hire Performance

The Challenge

The company continuously runs recruitment campaigns in order to attract top industry talent. The shortlisting process usually includes cognitive assessments and phone screening. The company was looking for a new and modern way to automate their talent acquisition process. The goal was to reduce time, cost and any unconscious bias during the early hiring process.

Global Tech Giant


6 Months

Number of Candidates




Reduced cost per screened candidate


Reduced average time to fill


Increased post-hire performance
"Knockri helped us in every step of the selection process.They saved us time & helped us hire diverse talent that was previously was being overlooked!”
VP of Talent & Selection - Global Hiring

The Solution

Knockri's A.I. solution was integrated into the company's applicant tracking system. The company was using Knockri 's asynchronous automated assessments for 6 months and interviewed 6526 candidates.
The company used Knockri's video assessments and it's automated interview scheduler. The global tech giant eliminated their outdated cognitive assessment and phone screening process.

Candidates were assessed using Knockri's scientific A.I. assessments, which quantified predictive high performing skills. Knockri's interview scheduler then stacked ranked, the top scoring candidates to be interviewed through video conferencing.
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The Impact

Knockri helped transform the global tech giant's talent acquisition process and reduced their time to fill. It surfaced better performing and diverse talent that was previously being overlooked.


Time to fill:

65 Days


Time to fill:

26 Days


Reduced average time to fill


Increased gender & racial diversity


Increased post-hire performance
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